Bethesda is teaming up with Loot Crate for a Fallout 4 Edition

by: John -
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I swear, Bethesda is coming out things that just keeps taking my money. First the Pip-Boy edition of the game. Then the hardcover Prima guide. Now this.

Loot Crate is coming out with a Fallout 4 Edition Loot Crate, which you can sign up now to be notified on when you can order. We should get the details on what will be in the crate soon, but if you're going to try and collect all things Fallout, here's another limited edition item to spend your money on.

Jeremy enjoyed Loot Crate for a while, but it can be a big hit or miss depending on the month. Since I'm gunning for as much Fallout 4 swag as possible, this is something I'll be looking to pick up as well. Hopefully, we'll get some good stuff in this one.