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Sniper Ghost Warrior 3 developer video

by: Rob -
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I love sniper games. Well, I guess to be more accurate I love sniping in games, because with only a few exceptions most sniper games end up pretty mediocre to bad. The first two Sniper: Ghost Warrior's were definitely in that range with decent sniping mechanics behind some frustratingly linear level design, buggy AI, and mediocre gameplay. Hopefully, Sniper: Ghost Warrior 3 will give me the sniping FPS I always wanted as developer City Interactive is attempting to go full on, open world, triple-A. To showcase this they've released the half hour video below featuring Lead Narrative Designer Jess Lebow playing through the open world and showing off the different techniques and gadgets in the new world. The game is looking good, and seems to be moving away a bit from the previous Ghost Warrior incantations towards a Farcry style and feel. Seeing as I've put so many hours into Farcry games playing as a sniper, this could be just what I wanted. Fingers crossed...