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New No Man's Sky trailer promises infinite worlds

by: Sean Colleli -
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Quite out of nowhere, the official No Man's Sky Youtube channel posted a brief new trailer called Infinite Worlds. It's nice to actually see some activity and outreach from developer Hello Games--calling them cagey would be an understatement--but the trailer is pretty disappointing.

As usual it promises "every planet procedural, unique and unexplored" but to be blunt most of the footage looks like it's is recycled from old trailers, some going as far back as the pre-alpha stuff shown off at VGX way back in 2013. Come on guys--your game is supposedly infinite with a staggering amount of variety, and the best new trailer you can do is this bubble-and-squeak warmed up leftovers?

It doesn't help that lead developer Sean Murray is exasperatingly vague about his game, and people are consistently starting to ask "yes, but what do you do in No Man's Sky?" Showing off the same old stuff and holding back that release date is not helping. Either this footage really is mostly old stuff, or No Man's Sky is as procedurally bland and samey as I fear it is. Neither possibility is good.