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EVO 2015: A new fighter joins the roster of Street Fighter V

by: Russell -
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It seems like every year before the Street Fighter IV Top Eight we get some sort of major announcement related to the franchise and this year is no different.  Prior to the Ultra Street Fighter IV finals, a new character called Necalli was revealed for Street Fighter V.  These are the kinds of announcements I like, especially for EVO.  Last year's announcement was Decapre for Ultra Street Fighter IV which I was kind of disappointed in (the announcement that is) because my first reaction was that she was basically another Cammy, meaning we now had two Cammys, two Ryus, and two Akumas.  Not that I don't like Decapre so to speak, but I would have like to see either an entirely new character or someone return from a prior game (such as Alex or Charlie) as opposed to a somewhat clone of an existing character.

Below is the official reveal trailer that was shown at EVO.  You can also check out the PlayStation Blog for more info on Necalli.