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Vision conflicts cited as the reason for Yager being dropped as developer for Dead Island 2

by: John -
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Ever since the really awesome E3 2014 trailer for Dead Island 2 hit, this game's been on a lot of people's radar. The first game was OK, but it had enough potential that I hope the sequel would build upon.

Recently though, Deep Silver has issued a statement stating they are splitting with developer Yager, which puts a big damper on the development for Dead Island 2. Yager's Spec Ops: The Line was all kinds of incredible so they had some good folks behind the game.

Yager's CEO has spoken out saying that the reason of the split was due to the vision for the game being different from both parties. So, now Yager's off working on Dreadnought

So where does this leave Dead Island 2? Deep Silver hasn't said if another studio will be taking over the reigns, but you can no doubt figure this will delay the game significantly. 

Well, at least we can watch the great trailer below.

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