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Loki gets an upgrade and tons of new skins are coming in the newest SMITE patch

by: Nathan -
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SMITE is getting a small patch soon and with it brings tons of new skins and a brand new Loki

Loki is getting a complete visual reworking complete with a new model, animations, FX and an updated voice pack as well. He looks a lot younger and taller now than he used to. To be honest, the old Loki looked like a meth addict to me. 

Also, there are tons of new skins coming in this patch. 

First up is the "Dr. Vanus" Sylvanus skin which will be added as a new reward for the SMITE Pro League Fantasy game. For those unfamiliar, the Fantasy game costs 300 gems to participate. When you get a win in any game mode with the special SPL board equipped you get points. You can also earn points for guessing the winners of SPL games as well. Once you reach certain milestones, you get cool items like skins, boarders, chest rolls, and more. 

Speaking of E-Sports, four new team chests have been included including London Conspiracy, Eager, Enemy and Epsilon. In those chests, you can find the following skins.

  • "Eager" Neith
  • "Epsilon" Bastet
  • "Enemy" Bacchus
  • "London Conspiracy" Poseidon 

Finally, Ah Puch gets his Golden skin and Medusa is getting a new Tier 2 skin called "Mortal Coil" Medusa.

For the full list of patch notes, check out SMITE's official forums. 

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