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The Futties are here! FIFA 15 announces the "best of the rest" awards

by: Sean Cahill -
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If you're a regular to Ultimate Team, there's something frustrating about waiting for that one card to go in-form that never happens.  FIFA 15 and the developers acknowledge that it's hard to pick the players week in and week out to try and balance leagues and players.  Even then, some just get left out.  The Futties are a fan-voted award to get those players in-form since they missed the boat the entire season, and this year's Footies are quite the collection!

Hugo Lloris was one of the reasons Spurs still had a chance up til the end of the season to make the Champions League, but he never cracked the Team of the Week.  His 88 overall rating makes him one of the best keepers in the Premier League to have.  Joining him from the same club is Christian Eriksen, who is listed correctly as a center attacking midfield (he's originally listed as a left midfielder) with this card, also checks in at 88 overall.

Gareth Bale had a tough second season at Real Madrid, but fans will be happy to see that 90 overall rating, which includes a scorching 97 pace rating.  Crazy enough, he's the only La Liga entry on this list.  Some other familiar names are there, such as Wayne Rooney, Edison Cavani, Yaya Toure, and Marco Reus.  It's mind-boggling that none of these players managed to crack a Team of the Week, but now you can get them!

These cards will be available for the next week, as usual.