Transformers Devastation looks better and better with each showing

by: Jeremy -
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In case you couldn’t tell when it was announced back at E3, Platinum Games’ Transformers Devastation is officially one of my most anticipated games for 2015. The game came out of nowhere at the show and blew me away from the moment I saw the first screenshot. The Generation1 art style and theme, the cel-shaded visuals, and the fact that Platinum is at the helm had me giggling like a school-child.

Late last week, the developer finally revealed a true trailer for the game that showed off exactly how it would play and it is in fact everything that I had hoped it would be. The game seems to be adopting the Bayonetta-styled mechanics with frantic, offensive furies and the ability to momentarily freeze time as you dodge out of the away of an attack at the last second (witch-time anyone?). It looks absolutely fantastic. I cannot wait to get my hands on the finished product and you will likely feel the same after watching the trailer below: