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No Man's Sky: humble beginnings

by: Sean Colleli -
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IGN continues its "IGN First" agonizingly slow trickle-feed of news on No Man's Sky. In this new clip, lead developer Sean Murray and his team at Hello Games describe the game's humble origins. Pardon my rudeness, but my patience is running thin.

We've already seen, many times, Sean Murray rambling indeterminately about how vast and incomprehensible his game is, how unbelievable that he and his small team are making it, and how super duper nervous he is about it. We've seen the same morsels of footage and snips of trailers played over and over and over again. We've heard about the genuinely tragic flood that destroyed Hello Games' tiny offices on Christmas Eve 2013.

We get it Sean Murray. Your game is crazy huge and ambitious and unbelievable and you just love being really vague about the whole thing because you don't want the hype to get out of control. I understand that. But do you know what we really want Mr. Murray? Release date. Release date. RELEASE. DATE. I'm only rude and impatient because this is the game I've wanted since I was 3, and I can't wait to see if it's everything you promise it is.

Source: IGN