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SMITE on Xbox One enters open beta

by: Nathan -
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SMITE for the Xbox One is now officially open to everyone has the open beta has begun. If you haven't played the game before, you can download the game for free if you are an Xbox Live Gold subscriber. If you have already been playing then all of your progress will carry over including your purchases, achievements, unlocks and stats. 

The one thing that I think sets SMITE away from other MOBA's is that is has pretty an amazing deal for people who want to have all the characters in the game. The Xbox One version has the founders pack which gets you every god in the game (over 60) plus all future gods released and you will get those future gods for free. You will also get 400 gems, the exclusive "Soldier of Fortune" Ares skin and the limited "Cacodemon X" Ymir skin. 

I recently previewed the Xbox One version of SMITE, long story short, Hi-Rez has taken all of the fun of the PC version and put it onto the Xbox One. It features all of the game modes and characters of the PC version and it is truly the first time a true MOBA experience has been on consoles. Aside from the controls, which could take some getting used to, it is pretty solid and you should absolutely check it out if you are interested in a console MOBA experience.

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