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Ken has been announced for Street Fighter V

by: Russell -
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In a move that should come as a shock to no one, Ken was recently announced for Street Fighter V at San Diego Comic-Con.  While Ken has typically remained the same throughout the series in terms of his move set, this time around it seems like Capcom is changing things up a bit with his moves.  Below is the new reveal trailer that shows off just how much has changed for Ken since Street Fighter IV.

Also, as a reminder the first online beta program for Street Fighter V will be exclusive to the PS4 and will begin July 23rd at 6pm PDT in North America (July 24th 3am CEST in Europe) and will run for five days.  In North America you have to pre-order the game through select retailers or through the PlayStation Network while players in Europe and Asia should sign up for a chance to participate over at www.streetfighter.com