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Watch this kid go absolutely insane after he wins a new Xbox One at Comic Con

by: Nathan -
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Imagine yourself at Comic Con, you win a contest and get a chance to win some really cool Xbox related SWAG. You could win a new controller, a free Xbox Live Gold account, free money to spend on the store, a mystery prize or even a  brand new Xbox One. You would be pretty excited right? Just like this kid!  

Watch as tears well up in his eyes and he jumps for joy as he cannot contain his excitement! Oh, he does none of that? Okay then, he must really love his PS4. 

My assumption is that he already owns an Xbox One so he doesn't need another one, but still you could at least seem excited about. These people just gave you an Xbox One FOR FREE and you act like you just won your $1 back on a $1 scratch ticket. 

Hell if it were me, I would be excited for the fact that I actually won something. Aside from $100 on a scratch ticket once, I have never won a huge prize like this before.

Anyways, check out the video below courtesy of Youtuber Colossal Harry