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World of Tanks Beta opens tomorrow

by: Rob -
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Wargaming America Inc. has announced that World of Tanks will go live with their Xbox One Beta tomorrow, July 11th. The two-day Beta will run through the weekend and can be downloaded today to be ready when play opens tomorrow and Sunday. 

World of Tanks is free to play and players who participate in the Beta will get experience bonuses and a special reward, the Premium American Tier 3 M22 Locust tank, just for logging in. Those who already own the tank instead get 180,000 in silver and a garage slot. Another bonus is available to any player who downloads the game prior to its release date: a free Premium light tank at launch, the American tier II T1E6-X1. This tank will be have an exclusive shield emblem and camouflage.

World of Tanks will see it's full release on July 28th. While free to play, an Xbox Live Gold membership is required. The video below is the Xbox One trailer from E3.

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