The Witcher 3 getting a huge user experience patch soon

by: Chuck -
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The Witcher 3 has dominated my free time the last three weeks.  It's a near perfect mix of gameplay and story telling but the game has a few issues that occasionally detract from the experience.  For me a lot of these deal with the managing the amount of crap that Geralt carries around with him.  If there was ever an episode of Hoarders in Temaria, Geralt would the be the first person they would have on the show.  

CD Projekt Red is working on a huge patch to make inventory management a lot easier.  Notable among the patches is the idea of a player stash where Geralt can stick stuff he isn't currently using or can't use for later retrieval around the game world.  This means I can dump off the armor that I can't use right now because it's six levels above where I currently am.  

Another big tweak is that alchemy items and books will no longer count against your inventory weight meaning fewer trips to vendor to sell off unnecessary items.  This means more time adventuring and less times trudging to and from town to pawn off the stuff you've looted.

These are all great strides in the right direction and should help make a great game even better.