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Get a chance to play Street Fighter V early by visiting a Six Flags theme park.

by: Nathan -
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It seems that there are three ways right now to play Street Fighter V early. 

1. Go to EVO as I assume they will have the game on display there.

2. Pre-order so you can get into the beta.

3. Visit a Six Flags theme park. 

Yup you read that last one correctly. Capcom has announced a partnership with Six Flags theme parks to bring Street Fighter V to guests. 

The first Six Flags experience will open at Six Flags Discovery Kingdom in Vallejo California on July 2nd. No word yet on other locations that will be added but they say that other locations will be announced soon. 

This isn't really anything new as demos of games usually show up at certain locations like Game Stop and Best Buy, but for some reason, I just think the idea of people going to a theme park to play a game is weird. I mean, I assume you will have to pay the money to actually get into the park to play the game, so I assume only the most die hard Street Fighter fans will do this. I can't really say anything though, I paid $40 to go to PAX East just to play Mortal Kombat 9 when it was there 4 years ago.