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Silence: The whispered World 2 drops a cinematic trailer, closed beta details, and some words from the title

by: Rob -
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Daedelic Entertainment announced yesterday the details for their upcoming adventure game Silence. Originally the game was going by it's full title Silence: The Whispered World 2 but without much fanfare the devs seem to be dropping the extended title. Whether that's for simplicity's sake or an intentional effort to distance this game from the original The Whispered World which came out about 5 years ago is a bit unclear at the moment. But in any case, the cinematic trailer you'll find below which accompanies their announcement is setting the stage for a grand adventure that suggests will be beautifully detailed and carefully nurtured. 

As for that closed beta, you can sign up for a chance at an invite here. The Beta is for PC and begins in a week, July 8th. All Beta participants will receive game credits and a free copy of the game. Nice. Silence was originally scheduled to be a game for PC and Mac but Daedelic also mentions that the game will also be coming out for PS4 and Xbox One as well, but I can't find any info about timelines for any of these releases.