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Star Citizen's FPS mode delayed

by: Chuck -
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In a blog post Star Citizen's head honcho Chris Roberts has revealed that the FPS mode of Star Citizen (also known as Star Marine) has hit some significant snags.  If you were following the game closely you probably have figured this out already as the module was due out in April of this year.

I'm still trying to figure out why the company is spending money on developing this portion of the game given that they have yet to ship anything that looks remotely like what they pledged to deliver a few years go.  The current alpha of the game is a huge mess and as a backer I have to wonder why they are investing in something that is clearly outside the purview of what they promised backers they were going to deliver.  

Hopefully someone over at RSI realizes that just because we gave them money to chase their vision it doesn't mean that we are giving them carte blanche to do whatever they want with it.

Source: PC Gamer

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