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The Sandboxr SMITE 3D print store is now open. A quick review of a couple of their prints

by: Nathan -
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The whole concept of 3D printing still amazes me and boggles my mind. The fact that we are now able to just print out household items, figurines, even bridges is now possible and I cannot wait to see what else we will be able to print in the future. While I have had interest in 3D prints before, I never really thought that I would ever own anything that was 3D printed for quite some time. Well, that has changed as Sandboxr is giving SMITE fans a chance to own 3D prints of their favorite gods from the game.

The thing about these 3D prints is that each one will be completely unique. Since these are 3D printed and not made on an assembly line, fans will be able to pick different from over 150 poses and a number of different bases including basic ones and one for each pantheon. This means that when you combine the number of poses, with all the bases, there can be thousands of combinations to chose from. 

Sandboxr sent me a couple of their launch prints and I am very happy with the final results. I received a large Nu Wa and a medium Ymir. The one thing that I absolutely love about the 3D is that they are able to really capture all of the small details from the in game models of the gods. From Nu Wa's tattoos to Ymir's club that is half encased in ice, both gods look fantastic. It looks like someone had custom crafted these from scratch as everything you see in game is represented on the print including all of the colors, which are vibrant and beautiful.

In the pictures below I used a Nintendo Amiibo to for size comparison between the large and medium print. The medium ymir is slightly smaller than an Amiibo and the large Nu Wa was slightly larger. One thing to note though is that Nu Wa is bending over in an action stance. If she was standing up, I assume it would be way larger than the Amiibo.   

Using the Sanboxr app to create a print is incredibly easy as well. I have been having some fun playing around with this today. You pick a god, select a base which include all of the Pantheons and then can play around with posing the character. A wide variety of poses are there to use including their idle animations, their taunts and some of their abilities. For instance, I was playing around with Ares and you can choose his recall animation and then use the slider to select the exact frame of animation you want to use. I wasn't even buying anything but I spent about an hour just going through the app trying to decide what poses I want the gods in for when I eventually purchase them. 

At launch there will be 20 gods available (Agni, Apollo, Ares, Artemis, Chaac, Fenrir, Geb, Guan Yu, Hel, Janus, Kukulkan, Neith, Nu Wa, Poseidon, Scylla, Sun Wukong, Thanatos, Thor, Ymir and Zeus) No word yet on when other gods will be available for printing but I assume they will be coming soon. I know that as soon as Freya and Awilix are available, I will be ordering them immediately. 

Overall, I am very impressed and very pleased with the prints and I plan on ordering more in the future. I am a huge SMITE fan and it's really one of the only games out there that I will buy merch for. I have a gaming shelf full of games, but I think I will start filling it up with these prints throughout the year. 

If you are interested in ordering a 3D print, they can be done so at either or The prints will be made on demand and you should receive your print within two weeks of your order.  

Below is the Hi-Rez "print it video" video and also are some photos that Sanboxr sent me showing off what the finished products will look like. I also included some photos that my sister helped me take showing off the prints that Sanboxr sent me. 

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