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Dying Light devs continue to troll Bungie

by: Michael -
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You may have heard that a few days ago, Techland, the developer behind Dying Light, trolled Bungie over it's handling of a DLC promotion with Red Bull. Basically, anyone who tweeted a picture of themselves drinking a glass of water with the hashtag "DrinkRightDyingLight" would get a piece of free content. Now, Techland is taking it a step further by offering future DLC depending on the amount of water drinking pictures they receive. 

"Techland have decided to design, create, and release a number of all new free DLC packs for Dying Light throughout the second half of the year," the developer said. "The campaign will be led by the fans reaching successive stretch goals — by posting pictures of themselves drinking water on Twitter and tagging them with #DrinkForDLC."

Check out the promotion and stretch goals below.