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Tons of items in SMITE are on sale. Why? Because Gabe said so (again)

by: Nathan -
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If there have been some items you have been holding out on buying in SMITE then now is the time to do so as the "Gabe Said So (again)" has begun. 

On both PC and Xbox, almost all skins, gods, voice packs, ward skins and more are all 25% off. The only thing not included in the sale are the new Summer of SMITE items. In addition, all log in bonuses will be doubled and all of the legacy chests will be available so players can purchase the exclusive limited time skins again. 

If you need some gems to get some of the items then you can get free gems this weekend. Starting Thursday, every first win of the day bonus will also award 10 free gems for a total of 80 gems a day.

If you need more information, you can get it by watching the amazing video below starring Gabe himself.  

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