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Batman Arkham Knight on PC is an unplayable, steaming pile of garbage

by: Nathan -
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100% unacceptable. This is what Steam refunds were made for. Here I am just wanting to play Batman Arkham Knight on the PC and I can't because the state of this game. Why are AAA games on PC being locked at 30FPS? Why does the game crash every time I start the PC performance test? Why can't any of my settings go any higher than "normal" when my rig is higher than the minimum requirements? Why did they bump up the minimum and maximum settings for the game a mere 2 days before release? Why did WB screw over PC gamers again?

First Mortal Kombat X and now this? This is the current state of the gaming industry. Gone are the days of just buying a game and having it work at launch. Welcome to the days of giving companies $60 only to get a broken, unplayable mess at launch, but hey, don't worry, they will patch it later!  

It's not just me either. The game is currently has "mostly negative" reviews on Steam and PC gamers are letting WB know how mad they are on just about every forum there is and rightfully so. Here is also a video from Youtuber Turtleboats showing just how broken this game is. 

I am just astounded by how this happened. Launching with a few bugs and glitches, okay sure, that's one thing but this game as I have said before is just completely unplayable and this is not acceptable. Let's just hope the patches are released immediately before anymore damage is done.