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E3 2015: Super Dungeon Bros. Hands-On

by: Matt -
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It's got to be tough to be a smaller company attending E3, especially with the small meeting rooms contained on the main show floor. The guys at React Games and Wired Productions had to fight the din of the show and display Super Dungeon Bros., a four-player arcade style brawler coming to the PS4, XBox One, PC, Mac, and Win 10. In addition to offline co-op, players on XBox One can connect with Win 10 players for online co-op. If you're on the PS4 you'll be able to cooperate with PC and Mac gamers when the game launches this Winter. A quick demo through the stages of Chillheim and Cryptheim gave me a short glimpse at what these bros are up to, and it's looking like a pretty fun romp.

Players can select one of four 'bros,' there's Axl, the brawling blue knight, Freddie, the fearless red knight, Lars, the passionate yellow knight, and Ozzie, the green goof of the bunch. Each of them have their own personality that you can call forth using the DPad to have them communicate with the other players using some pre-recorded quips. There's a great deal of personality packed in to each one of these characters and some of that shines through in their attacks as well.

This game is all about co-op which means you'll be downing hordes of enemies in order to get the loot that is hidden within the realm of Rokheim. Using special team up attacks like the 'Bro Nado,' the 'Bro Mation,' or the 'Bro Throw' you'll be able to solve platforming puzzles, or just mow through the large number of enemies in your path. You've also got a lot of weaponry at your disposal, including crossbows (why aren't they crossbros?), hammers, swords, and wands, each with different attack styles and damage potentials. 

Levels are crafted via procedural generation, meaning there will be a ton of variety as you play through the intended Daily and Weekly dungeons. This sounds quite ambitious, and hopefully the guys at React are able to fulfill on their lofty goals. This early hands on showed the game in a pretty stable state, although there were some frame-rate hits that caused a few hiccups. There's still plenty of time to get Super Dungeon Bros. ready for prime-time.