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E3 2015: Enter the Gungeon will have 2-player co-op

by: Russell -
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Devolver Digital recently showed off at E3 a new two-player co-op mode for their upcoming PC and PS4 game Enter the Gungeon, a game that basically mixes gunslinging with dungeon crawling.  Now two players can help each other out in their quest to find the one gun in the world that can kill the past, "absolving you of your deep regrets, wrong doings, and bad decisions".  Wow, it'd be nice if something like that actually existed.

I didn't see anything in the press release that states whether the co-op mode is local only or if it's also online enabled.  If it is local only, it wouldn't surprise me if this was also made online down the road.

Enter the Gungeon Co-Op Feature Revealed

I??ll Be Your Huckleberry

The Gungeon - Adorable gunslingin?? developers at Dodge Roll Games and the Val-Kilmer-look-alikes at Devolver Digital revealed the incredible co-op feature for the upcoming PC and PlayStation 4 game Enter the Gungeon at E3 2015. Making its debut at last night??s PC Gaming Show at E3, the two player co-op mode allows the primary gunslinger a ??gun cultist?? back up player to help quell the many disciples of the Cult of the Undead who will stop at nothing to preserve the very treasure you seek ?? the one gun in the world that can kill the past, absolving you of your deep regrets, wrong doings and bad decisions.

Featuring the cutest enemies our PR person has ever seen in the world, ever, (LOOK AT THEM THEY ARE TINY BULLETS SHOOTING OTHER TINY BULLETS AT YOU HAVE YOU EVEN ZOMG) Enter the Gungeon drops you into an ever-adapting bullet hell-fortress with lovingly hand-crafted death chambers set in a labyrinth of doom designed to kill anyone who enters. Play as one of several unlikely heroes, all looking to erase their past at any cost.

Featuring an insane amount gunfire and various amazing weaponry, unleash a volley of rainbows (RAINBOWS DID YOU READ THAT?) or a herd of bees (are bees ??herds???) and try to stay alive as you dodge, roll and shoot your way to absolution.

Find more at www.enterthegungeon.com or @DodgeRollGames and keep up with the Devolver family at www.devolverdigital.com and  @DevolverDigital.