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E3 2015: Behind the scenes of Deus Ex Mankind Divided's new trailer

by: Sean Colleli -
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Wonder why the new trailer for Deus Ex Mankind Divided is so darn pretty? Well it turns out it was produces by Square-Enix Japan's in-house animation studio; you know, the fine folks behind all those stunning Final Fantasy cutscenes. In this dev diary they go into detail about the laborious process of scripting and animating the trailer, even down to the symbolism they baked into the scenes. 

One of the few issues with Human Revolution is that the in-engine visuals didn't quite stand up to the prerendered cutscenes, especially the jerky facial animations. Free from the limitations of last-gen's consoles, hopefully Mankind Divided's in-game graphics are as aesthetically pleasing as the E3 trailer.

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