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E3 2015: PDP is bringing Wave 3 of the Wired Fight Pad for Wii U

by: Sean Colleli -
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Nintendo's E3 presser may have been a let-down but PDP has a silver lining for us. They are continuing their series of GameCube-inspired, character-themed controllers with the Wired Fight Pad's third wave in August. Wave 3 includes three controllers: Metal Mario, Zero Suit Samus and Toad. The latter two will be available exclusively at Gamestop, where you can preorder them now. All three still retail for $24.99.

I thought Wave 2 of the Wired Fight Pad was an excellent all-around controller, so I'll definitely be picking up Wave 3 later this summer.

NEW CHALLENGERS APPROACHING - Performance Designed Products Announces the Third Wave of Wired Fight Pads for Wii U™!
The leading third-party manufacturer of video game accessories to release a third wave of Nintendo GameCube-inspired controllers for Wii U in August, 2015. 

Burbank, CA – June 13, 2015 -- PDP is proud to announce that Metal Mario™, Zero Suit Samus™, and Toad™ will be joining the lineup of Wired Fight Pads for Wii U, making them the newest additions to the Classic Controller™ line inspired by the original GameCube™ controller. The Wired Fight Pad line also features fan-favorite Nintendo®characters such as Mario™, Yoshi™, Princess Peach™, Luigi™, Link™, Samus™, Donkey Kong™, and Wario™.


The third wave of Wired Fight Pads for Wii U includes Metal Mario, which offers a metallic design and the Mario "M" character mark. The Zero Suit Samus-themed Wired Fight Pad presents another impressive twist, featuring a soft touch metallic top housing. Finally, the Toad™ Wired Fight Pad is inspired by the Toad Wii Remote™ Plus. 

The Wired Fight Pad is licensed by Nintendo and designed for use with the Wii™ and Wii U consoles. The Wired Fight Pad plugs directly into the Wii Remote. Players can use it with Wii and Wii U titles that support Classic Controller and Classic Controller Pro functionality.

The Wired Fight Pads will have an estimated SRP of $24.99 and are now available for pre-order at GameStop and Amazon. Both the Toad and Zero Suit Samus-themed controllers are available exclusively at GameStop in the United States.