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E3 2015: SMITE on Xbox One hits open beta soon

by: Nathan -
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SMITE on the Xbox One has been in closed beta for a bit, but soon everyone will get a chance to play the game as it enters open beta on July 8th. The game can be downloaded for free from the Xbox One Marketplace and features the same great god slaying action of the PC version.

If you have been playing in the closed beta, all of your stuff will remain as they aren't planning any data wipes and all of your previously earned content, currency and achievements will remain. 

Hi-Rez also offers the SMITE Founders Pack which features instant access to every available god, every future god, 400 gems, and two exclusive skins for $29.99. As someone that has been playing the PC version for years, the god pack is an absolutely incredible value. If you were to buy all the gods separately, well it would be a hell of a lot more than $30. 

PC players wanting to get into the beta can also transfer their progress to the Xbox version. Everything except your gems, stats and masteries will carry over and you won't lose your progress on the PC either. 

About a month ago, I got to play the closed beta and wrote up some thoughts about it. Long story short, SMITE from the PC transitions extremely well to the Xbox One and I expect it to be a huge hit and a game changer for the console and the genre. This is really the first true MOBA experience on a console.