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E3 2015: WWE supports launch of Xavier Woods’ Youtube gaming channel

by: Jeremy -
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Beginning this week, gamers have a new gaming-centric Youtube channel to follow. Xavier Woods, the voicebox for the WWE’s New Day stable, is a HUGE gamer. I mean, seriously, the guy has a large tattoo of the Triforce on his forearm; he doesn’t just talk the talk, he walks the walk. In his spare time he loves to game, and we’re talking about a die-hard, classic gamer here who still totes around his Sega Saturn and SNES while also spending countless hours grinding his characters in Final Fantasy XIV.

Woods has launched “Up Up Down Down”, and plans to bring his love of video games to his fans so that they can share in his adventures. He is doing a variety of “Let’s Play” videos, competitve outings with his friends and other WWE superstars, and a ton more. There are a few videos up on his channel and I already like him more than 99% of the other Youtube personalities. Fans of the WWE and gamers alike will definitely want to check this one out.