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E3 2015: The more I see of No Man's Sky, the less I want to see of No Man's Sky

by: Randy -
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Hello Games kicked off its E3 demonstration of No Man's Sky with space combat. Which is not at all the game's biggest selling point. But it goes on, the camera pulling back further and further, showing more and more stars, more and more constellations, moreand more arms of the galaxy, until basically your mind explodes, unable to comprehend what your brain is taking in, while simultaneously coming to understand that Hello Games has procedurally generated one of the largest virtual galaxies in human history.

Every planet is fully destructable. You can scan for life. You can upload your discoveries at a beacon. You can do this a bazillion times, I'm guessing. But just like Borderlands' claim of having a bazillion guns, after—I dunno—a few thousand, it's like, what's the point?

Don't get me wrong. I bought a PS4 because I need No Man's Sky. But, sadly, it's all looking more and more pointless the more I see of it. So, that's what I need to see next. I need it to get to the point. "Get to the center of the galaxy" isn't enough. I get it: The galaxy is big. But tell me why I should care.

No Man's Sky is coming to PC and PlayStation 4. No release date yet.