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E3 2015: Travis' takeaway from the Sony Press Conference

by: Travis -
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Sony definitively answered the question to those that wondered if it had a strong line-up of games in the coming months and next year by showcasing a wealth of titles. At one point in the conference we were barely given enough time to digest each game as they quickly followed one another in succession.

One game in particular helped slow the conference's pace was Media Molecule's upcoming sandbox game Dreams. The developer that spoke about the game described it as more difficult to showcase than past titles because of its abstract gameplay design. Basically, players are given as it sounds near endless freedom to craft and share their own dreams with others across the world. If past games such as the LittleBigPlanet series and Tearaway are any indicators, Dreams looks to inspire that same sense of creativity on an even larger scale.

Sony continued its push of indie games by announcing that upcoming Firewatch would make its console debut on the PlayStation 4. The premise of Firewatch has players being continually communicated to by a mysterious woman on a two-way radio that serves as the game's form of narration and gameplay objectives. From the trailer showcased during the conference, it looks as if players will be focusing on survival aspects such as cutting down trees as well as tracking two missing young women in the wilderness. Not to mention that the game's art style is simply gorgeous with its use of flat-colored textures.

Other indie games on showcase were curiosity of publisher Devolver Digital with RoninEitrMother Russia Bleeds, and Crossing Souls. The game that caught my attention most out of that group was Eitr, which was an isometric action game that looks to combine Nordic-inspired themes and fantasy elements. The game's retro visual style looked simply stunning and ultimately pushing Eitr to the top of my must watch list.

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While Sony might not have offered backwards compatibility support or other features for the PlayStation 4, it did prove that its strong focus on games foremost has not changed since last year. The coming months look to have a solid line-up of games for PlayStation 4 owners.