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E3 2015: Microsoft unveils new Xbox One dashboard

by: Chuck -
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One of the big complaints about the Xbox One is that the dashboard is a bit clunky and hard to navigate.  This isn't too surprising as the original interface was wed to the "modern" user interface standards that Microsoft was pushing across all of their platforms (Windows 8/Windows Phone).  Well Microsoft has listened to your complaints and will be releasing a new dashboard this fall with a host of improvements.

The focus for this release looks to be speed and making it easier to connect with friends.  Looking at the video below it looks like a huge step in the right direction as you can have the dashboard hover over the screen rather than having to go back through the home screen of the console.  It also allows you to quickly create a party and invite people to it which is a huge improvement over the current system which requires you to dive deep into the dashboard.

The video also shows off how you'll be able to use Cortana to check on the status of friends, form parties, and share clips without leaving the game.

As someone who dabbles in user experience professionally I'm really digging what Microsoft has done as this is a huge step in making the Xbox One much more user friendly.