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E3 2015: Street Fighter 5 beta test and release dated

by: Jeremy -
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Along with revealing the two newest additions to the Street Fighter 5 roster, Sony also announced the date of the highly anticipated beta test for the game on the PlayStation 4. The SF5 beta test will kick off on the Ps4 on July 23, 2015. Access to this phase comes with preordering the game at your favorite retailers. The exact details regarding which characters are included and how long the test will run have yet to be announced. Don’t worry PC gamers, you will get your chance to partake in the beta too, just a little later down the roaf.

Although the beta test is only a little over a month away, the full release is a bit further out. According to the listing for the game on the Playstation Network, the game will launch in its completed form on February 2, 2016. Capcom hasn’t announced this officially yet, but there is a good chance that this could be confirmed later this week.