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E3 2015: Cammy and Birdie join the cast of Street Fighter V

by: Nathan -
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I had a feeling that Street Fighter V was going to get shown off at the Sony conference, after all, it is a Playstation 4 and PC exclusive, and they did just that. They also announced two additional fighters joining the game.

First up was Birdie who hasn't been in a game since Street Fighter Alpha 3. The other returning character comes as no surprise. Cammy who has been a series regular also makes her return. Cammy has always been one of my mains so I was pretty hyped about this news. It's also nice to see them bring back some of the long forgotten characters from previous games. Take a cue from this NetherRealm when you make Mortal Kombat 11.

Remember Street Fighter V is EXCLUSIVE to Playstation 4..... and PC. No release date just yet.

Here is the E3 trailer courtesy of Maximillian Dood.