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E3 2015: Starbreeze throws their hat in the VR ring with StarVR

by: John -
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Well, this kind of came out of nowhere. Starbreeze, best known for The Chronicles of Riddick and PayDay 2, is coming out with a virtual realty headset dubbed StarVR.

StarVR's claim to fame is its wide field of vision. The Oculus Rift has a FOV of 100 degrees. StarVR's is a whopping 210 degrees. This should make it pretty immersive.

There are two 2560x1440 displays in the HMD compared to two 2160x1200 displays in the Rift. So, you're getting a higher quality display in the StarVR. Now, it's more than just resolution to produce a good picture. You'll need a good refresh rate and low persistence, so we haven't heard how fast and clear the displays are.

Like the rift, there's an optical tracking system combined with sensors to help with head movement.

Starbreeze is at E3 to demonstrate the StarVR with their Walking Dead game. Hopefully, I can stop in and take a look as I'm really interested to see how the StarVR measures up with the Oculus Rift.