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News Roundup: Windows Vista Ultimate Carnage

by: Randy -
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  • Legit Reviews walks through a 19-pic installation of Windows Vista Ultimate
  • Ten Ton Hammer gets its hands on some in-game combat in upcoming (spring 2007) MMO, Pirates of the Caribbean.
  • The late, great Keith Parkinson (Lead Artist for Vanguard before he died in November of last year) had his work on display at the Art Institute of California - San Francisco in a "Masters of Fantasy Art" exhibit.
  • MMORPG.com chats with Dreamlords Lead Designer Jon Selin about the upcoming MMO/RTS/RPG hybrid.
  • To the casual gamer, MMOs are just too much damn work.  Steve Wilson editorializes in his Casual Play column.
  • The WarCry Network walks the plank in a Pirates of the Caribbean Online preview.
  • Killer Betties step into the sepia-toned settings to preview NBA Street Homecourt.
Thanks to Legit Reviews, Ten Ton Hammer, MMORPG.com, WarCry, Killer Betties, and Atomic Gamer for today's News Roundup.