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Crackdown developers unveil their latest game - Hollowpoint

by: Chuck -
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If you've been wondering what Ruffian Games (the folks behind Crackdown 2)has been up to then wonder no more as they have revealed that they are working on Hollowpoint, a four player co-op game set in a dystopian future.

The game is set in a world ruined by war and run by mega-corporations and you will be responsible for running a group of corporate mercenaries known as Hollowpoints.  You will be able to configure the abilities and gear of your team and then team up with three other players to tackle missions. 

The trailer below gives you some more of the backstory of the game but if you skip to the 1:23 mark of the video below you can see some actual gameplay footage.  The game feels a bit like a 2D version of the original Syndicate with four player co-op which actually sounds like kind of an awesome idea.  There's no release date yet but we're going to see if we can get more info on the game.