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Get your first taste of Guitar Hero Live at E3

by: Nathan -
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Holy crap it's E3 time again. Seems like the time just goes by faster as I get older. Anyways, companies are starting to confirm which games will be playable at the big show and Guitar Hero Live will be one of them. People will be able to get their first hand on time with the game and check out the 24 hour mode which features a collection of music videos from various artists. 

Guitar Hero Live is the long awaited reboot of the franchise where unlike previous games where you play in front of a fake crowd, this game will have you playing in front of real people. From a few people in a small bar, to hundreds of thousands of people at outside music festivals, the crowd will react to you and will cheer or boo depending on how well you are performing. The game also features a brand new guitar that ditched the five colored button layout of the previous games. 

Guitar Hero Live will release this fall on PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One, Wii U, and uhh... tablet devices. I am going to assume the tablet version will be different from the console versions.