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Microsoft coming out with a 1TB Xbox One with a new wireless controller

by: John -
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Amazon did a little leak by putting up a page on it a little too soon, but now it's official. Microsoft is pushing out a brand new Xbox One SKU. The new model contains a 1TB hard drive and an improved wireless controller.

In a good move for consumers, the new wireless controller has as standard 3.5mm jack so you can use any headset you want. Yay!

June 16th will be the date the console goes on sale and will retail for $399. Get it early and Microsoft will throw in a Halo: The Master Chief Collection free of charge. For those wanting the 500GB model, that SKU drops down to $349.

And if you got a hankering for using the Xbox One controller on the PC, the wireless adapter will be out this fall for $24.99. It'll be similar to the 360 adapter they sold a while ago. Bundled with the controller, it'll be $79.95.