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Nox gets a completely new kit in the newest SMITE patch

by: Nathan -
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It's patch time! SMITE is getting a new one soon and this one brings with it tons of goodies including the brand new arena map, tons of skins, and Nox's complete kit reworking. 

First up is the brand new Nox, who is getting a complete kit design, meaning she is going to become a completely new character than she was before. Her passive, which used to give her damage mitigation, will now give her magical power. She also has an amazing new ability that allows her to jump into friendly gods for a short time. This means that if she is in danger, she can jump into a friendly god like Athena, Thor, or others with great escapes and ride with them. 

Here is a rundown of her brand new kit... 

  • Flame of the Night (Passive)
    Nox’s candles gather energy from all abilities she uses. For every ability Nox casts a candle is lit. For every candle lit Nox gains +3% Magical Power. When Nox takes damage one of her candles is blown out.
  • Shadow Lock
    Nox extends her shadow, Rooting a single enemy god in place for 2s and dealing damage equal to 30/40/50/60/70 +20% of her Magical Power every 0.5s. Nox must channel to maintain hold on the target, but may cancel this ability early
  • Siphon Darkness
    Nox creates a void of darkness that silences all enemies within. After 2s it explodes, dealing 90/160/230/300/370 +100% of her Magical Power as damage. 
  • Shadow Step
    Nox dashes forward, dealing 70/110/150/190/230 +40% of her Magical Power as damage to all enemies. If she hits an allied god, she leaps into their shadow, traveling with them. When Nox exits a shadow, she deals damage again in radius 20 around her. Nox may cancel this ability early to exit shadows. 
  • Night Terror
    Nox unleashes a vortex of dark energy that explodes on contact with an enemy god or surface, dealing 200/250/300/350/400 +60% of her Magical Power as damage to all enemies within range 20, and an additional 20/25/30/35/40 +5% of her Magical Power every 1s for 5s. Enemies hit are also weakened, and deal 30% less damage for the duration.

This patch also brings with it a bunch of brand new skins including "Triumph and Agni" Agni. This skin can only be obtained when you play for 30 hours with a friend that you have referred to the game. Unfortunately, time so far doesn't count, so as soon as the patch is released, you gotta start playing with a friend if you want the skin. 

Next up is "Bizzy B" Cupid. Cupid gets a cute bee skin and this skin is also part of the Summer of SMITE promotion. Buying this skin will earn you a free roll for other god skins, voice packs, and other goodies. Buying this skin will also bring you closer to getting some of the free Summer of SMITE rewards that can only be obtained by owning a certain number of items. 

Next up is two new "Tier 2" skins with "Crimson Death" Kali and "Heavenly Warlord" Sun Wukong. 

The gold skins are also getting a bit of an upgrade. Up until now, all of the gold skins basically turned the entire god gold and blue. Bellona and Anubis are getting gold skins in this game but now only the clothing of the characters will be gold and blue. Their skin will remain the same. I am very excited about this as this is something that the community has wanted for quite some time. Hi-Rez says that the older gold skins will be updated in time. 

Finally, the brand new arena map will be released which features a full visual upgrade of the arena itself and features new buff creatures. 

On the Xbox One side of things, they will be getting the Ah Puch patch featuring the new god Ah Puch, the e-sports fantasy game, Kawai Pop Bastet and the e-sports chests. 

For a full rundown of the PC patch notes, be sure to check out SMITE's official website. You can also get the full list of Xbox One patch notes on the same site. 

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