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Character videos for Overwatch being released, here's Reaper

by: Rob -
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Blizzard has been hard at work on their upcoming multiplayer FPS Overwatch, and the PR department has been earning their bread as well putting together videos for many of the characters in this very character-driven shooter. Below you'll find 6 plus minutes of footage on Reaper, and the Overwatch youtube channel has more videos for Torbjorn, Tracer, Symmetra, Hanzo, Mercy, Zanyatta, and my personal favorite, stylistically anyway - McCree. Watching one will give you pretty good idea of what this game is going to look and feel like, including a good insight into the personality of the character. Watching a few should also shed some light on how the different characters and abilities are going to play out. The most interesting thing as this game develops is how it will all balance out. Having such diverse classes in an FPS opens up a massive potential pitfall for one or two to end up being grossly overpowers, with another one or two the opposite, underpowered and unplayable. Blizzard knows their stuff so I trust they'll playlets and balance the crud out of this one, but take a look at other games like Hearthstone and see how unbalanced some of the classes can be at times...

Anyway, here's Reaper. You can get more info at the official site, or sign up to have chance at being part of the Beta coming this fall.  

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