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MechWarrior Online gets a massive update

by: Chuck -
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The team at Piranhna games has releases a massive patch for MechWarrior Online that tweaks the interface pilots use to configure their 'Mechs.  This has a been a sore spot for a lot of people as players can easily get lost in the the complexity of setting up their war machines.

The other large area addressed by the patch is a massive update to the Community Warfare portion of the game.  This is the persistent world section of the game where the various factions of the game vie for control of planets.  The biggest fix in this is a major adjustment to the start places on the maps as well as tweaks to the maps themselves to make the objectives a bit more difficult to achieve.  

Want to know more?  Check out this video which gives you a high level overview of the changes and shows the new Mechlab in action.

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