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Nathan Drake gets the remake treatment

by: Jeremy -
More On: Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection

I know that a lot of people are tired of the HD remake trend but as long as it keeps happening to great games, I won’t be complaining. Speaking of great games, Sony has announced that the next series in their portfolio to get the treatment will be the Uncharted series. Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection will launch exclusively for the PlayStation 4 on October 9, 2015.

This collection will bring together all three epic adventures: Drake’s Fortune, Amongst Thieves, and Drake’s Deception, in a single package. Each game has been meticulously re-tooled to deliver the full campaign experiences of each game in full 1080P running at 60 frames per second. Plus, each game will benefit from improved textures, character models, as well as the addition of the oh-so-lovely Photo Mode that was introduced in the remake of The Last of Us.

The game is up for preorder now on the PlayStation Store and a purchase will net you access to the multiplayer beta for Uncharted 4.

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