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Planetside 2 finally hits the PS4 this month

by: Jeremy -
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PlayStation 4 gamers have been looking forward to the free 2 play Planetside 2 since the system launched nearly 2 years ago. That wait is about to come to an end as Daybreak Game Company has announced that it will finally be available on June 23, 2015.

This MMOFPS has been in testing on Sony’s system since January and readily available for the PC as we speak. Players take part in a massive scale, first person shooter in an all out planetary war. How massive, you ask? Well, the PC version recently set the Guiness World Record for most players online in a single FPS battle with 1,158 players fighting it out in the game!

It was also announced that unlike other free 2 play games, Planetside 2 will not require a PlayStation Plus subscription in order to play online. The game will truly be free for everyone who owns a PS4. All that you have to do is hop online, download the game from the PlayStation store, and suit up for battle.

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