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Battleborn reveals new modes and a trailer

by: Jeremy -
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Gearbox is ready to show that they can do more than just Borderlands. Their next big shooter, Battleborn, is really taking shape and they are ready to show it to the world at this year’s E3. This morning they have revealed some new details about the game’s various modes and features.

In terms of modes, the game offers a variety of ways to play. The game’s story mode will allow you to play through the Battleborn experience alone or with friends cooperatively. While experiencing the tale, you will have a chance to play as one of 25 playable heroes, all with their own weapons and powers that can be leveled up through 10 levels of progression over time. In addition to the character progression, players can level up their own profile as well, earning special badges, titles, and loot over time.

There are a bunch of competitive multiplayer modes lined up too, including:

  • Incursion: teams of three defend a base from waves of enemies while attempting to take down the enemy base
  • Devastation: fast paced multiplayer deathmatch games centered around capture and hold objectives
  • Meltdown: teams protect and escort a parade of minions who are marching to their inevitable death

Hopefully we will learn a lot more about the game in a few weeks when Travis and John head out to E3. Until then, just know that the game is set to be released this coming winter on the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.

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