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GOG.com kicks off its Summer Sale

by: Nathan -
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Summer is almost here and for gamers that means E3, and sales, tons of sales. Prepare your wallets because GOG.com is kicking off their sales today.  

As of right now there are tons of games on daily deals and discount bundles. There is also a promotion going on where the more you spend, the more you earn. 

Here is a list of the free games and how to acquire them. 

  • SimCity 200 - Spend at least $1 
  • STALKER: Clear Sky - Spend at least $20
  • Xenonauts - Spend at least $50 

Looking at the list, there are some great games on sale including the recently released Witcher 3 at 10% off and Jade Empire for only $3. Seriously Bioware, please give us a new Jade Empire!  

The sale lasts until June 21st at 11:59 GMT.