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Tanya returns to Mortal Kombat tomorrow and gets her own release trailer

by: Nathan -
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If you own the Kombat pack for Mortal Kombat X, then Tanya is coming your way tomorrow. If you don't own the Kombat pack, then you will get her next week and NetherRealm released a trailer showing off the MK4 original in action.

We don't know exactly what her variations are but judging by the trailer it seems like in one variation will allow her to attack using teleporting moves, one where she utilizes a staff and one where she utilizes fireballs. We also get a glimpse of her hilarious fatality where she jumps through the torso of her opponent and then casually picks all the entrails off of her. 

Also coming with Tanya is the Klassic Skin pack including MK1 style skins for Kano, Liu Kang and Sonya. 

If you want to see Tanya in action be sure to check out NetherRealm's live stream today at 3PM CT. 

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