June Games with Gold revealed

by: Chapel -
More On: Xbox Live Just Cause 2 Thief Pool Nation FX

June is almost here, and the next month's free Games with Gold have been announced. As usual, the Xbox One titles are pretty bland---perhaps even more bland than usual, actually. The Xbox 360 games are very good, however, so it balances out.

For the 360, we've got Just Cause 2 and Thief. Just Cause 2 is one of my favorite sandbox games ever, and now is a perfect time to play it to get ready for the upcoming and excellent looking Just Cause 3. Thief was a little less well received, but it's a game that I missed and I'm excited to give it a shot.

For the Xbox One, Pool Nation FX is still available for free, and the other game is Massive Chalice. Master Chalice has gotten pretty good reviews so far as well, but to be honest I had never heard of it until it was announced today for free. I know a lot of people over in the Xbox One subreddit were upset with these options; I guess we'll see how it turns out.