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The Evil Within not scary enough? Maybe the threat of execution will help

by: Nathaniel -
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Horror games are not my bag.  If I told you my favorite horror games, you'd call me a poser and tell me to stop frontin' because you only speak in lame cliches and you should really cut it out.

There just aren't enough pants for me when I play games like Dead Space, Condemned, and Doom 3.  I know, I know.  I'm lame.  I don't care.

The Evil Within is supposed to be actually scary, so I'd probably not even wear pants and keep a bucket and some stain cleaner nearby.

The final piece of The Evil Within DLC, called The Executioner,comes out on May 26th.  You'll engage in a series of arena-style battles against the game's most iconic villains.  If you purchased the Season Pass (for $19.99), The Executioner completes it.  If you don't have the Season Pass, you can purchase and download The Executioner for $4.99.

Learn more after the jump.  Also visit www.theevilwithin.com.  

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We??ve just released a new gameplay trailer for The Executioner ?? the third and final add-on for The Evil Within, releasing on May 26.

The Executioner places players in a series of battle arenas all from the first-person perspective of The Keeper. Initially armed with The Keeper??s signature hammer, players will fight against a host of The Evil Within??s iconic villains to earn new weapons and upgrades. Set in the Manor House of the Victoriano Estate, The Executioner features first-person melee combat combined with exploration and discovery as players unearth the story of a man forced to become The Keeper.

As the final add-on, The Executioner completes The Evil Within??s Season Pass. Priced at $19.99, the Season Pass offers savings on all three add-ons for the game, including the first two DLCs: The Evil Within: The Assignment and The Evil Within: The Consequence. The Evil Within??s Season Pass is available on PSN, Xbox LIVE, and PC. The Executioner is also available for purchase separately and is priced at $4.99

The Evil Within has been rated M for Mature by the ESRB. For more information on The Evil Within please visit www.theevilwithin.com.