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News Roundup: Sims City Life Stories

by: Randy -
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  • A dev diary from CME, developers of upcoming MMO, Stargate Worlds, reevaluates the Fighter-Mage-Healer triumvirate for sci-fi settings.
  • Ten Ton Hammer still has 2,000 Scions of Fate Beta Keys to give away.  Anyone?  Anyone?
  • Killer Betties talks to Asuna, Director of Trioncube for the Nintendo DS.
  • Jon Wood, Managing Editor at MMORPG.com, writes a column on the future of EA Mythic's Ultima Online.
  • Also, registered users at MMORPG.com (costs nothing) can pick up a free issue of Massive magazine (guess what genre it covers?)  Only 10,000 copies will be given out -- well, minus one.  I signed up for a copy.
Thanks to Atomic Gamer, Killer Betties, Ten Ton Hammer, and MMORPG.com for today's News Roundup.