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SMITE's newest god is the most adorable thing ever

by: Nathan -
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SMITE is getting a new patch soon and with it brings Ratatoskr, and he is the most adorable thing I have ever seen in a videogame. He's a little squirrel! Seriously, how am I going to be able to kill this thing! Ratatoskr will fill the Norse Assassin role and like all the other recently released gods, will bring with him some new interesting concepts into the game. 

First off, Ratatoskr will start with an item completely exclusive to him and this item can be upgraded anywhere on the map. The acorn item can be upgraded during the match and will also branch off into various other items which will give him Ratatoskr's other ability include spinning while shooting 12 acorns out in a circle. After a bit the acorns return to him and damage any enemy that happens to be standing in the path of the returning acorns. Combining this with his dash ability can be pretty brutal as you can do damage with the dash and then do more damage as the acorns return. 

His Ultimate ability, which is one of the coolest abilities I have seen in SMITE so far, is the ability to jump up into a tree and hop from branch to branch. After hitting the third branch, he then jumps down on a target location dealing damage. He can pretty much get from one lane to another instantly with this ability. 

For a full rundown of Ratatoskr's abilities and what went into making him, be sure to check out the latest Dev Insight.

As with most patches, we are also getting some new skins as well. 

The first two skins "Hunkules" Hercules and "Beach Babe" Aphrodite will be kicking off the summer of SMITE promotion. No other details have been released yet but I assume they will start releasing summertime skins like other MOBA's do. 

The next skin is "GI Zhong" Zhong Kui, continuing the military theme'd skins that are already in the game including the "Spec Ops" Apollo and Bastet skins along with the "Commando" Ares skin. 

Finally we have "Crikeydile" Sobek and is basically a Steve Irwin inspired skin for Sobek. 

To see the full list of balance changes (Awww yeah, Freya and Awilix buffs!) be sure to check out the full list of patch notes.

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