WWE 2K16 will be released this October

by: Nathan -
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and every year a new WWE game is released. Surprise, surprise, 2K announced today that WWE 2K16 will be released this October but no other details were released. I expect that we will learn more come E3 in a few weeks. 

WWE 2K15 looked amazing on next gen consoles, but sadly, it was one of the biggest disappointments in my life in terms of videogames, which you could see in my review of the game. My biggest issue with WWE 2K15 was the fact that a ton of features for previous games were missing. I spend most of my time in these games in the creation suite.

Create an arena, belt, the ability to create divas, custom titantrons, custom entrance music, even custom entrance animations... all gone.

The game featured a career mode where you take your created wrestler from NXT to the Hall of Fame, but it was hard to feel any kind of attachment to your superstar when you have to use a generic WWE logo for a Titantron and you have to use either the crappy generic entrance music or music that the superstars in the game already have.

Then there was the issue with the match types. Again, previous games were filled with a variety of match types. WWE 2K15? Inferno, I Quit, 2 v 2 Hell in a cell matches, 2 v 2 Ladder matches, Triple Threat No DQ matches... all gone and that is only a fraction of the match types that were missing. 

This cant happen again.

For me to enjoy WWE 2K16, all of these features NEED to come back or I am not even going to bother with the game. Not to mention the fact that the new chain wrestling system was so incredibly boring. 

I do have faith, I hope they were able to take the extra time and bring all of these missing features back. Time will tell I guess. 

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